In 2012 my focus was on photographing wetland wildlife, mainly concentrating on wading birds like the Great Blue Heron, Common Snipe and Sandpipers to name a few.




     In 2012 I replace my primary wildlife kit ( Pentax K5 and Sigma 300mm 2.8) with the Nikon D800 and 200-400mm VRII and some of the first photograph capture with the combo was of the Great Blue Heron.


   This Great Blue Heron was photographed in the Wolf creek river valley in August, I was able to sit with for several minutes capturing several photos.





 D800 200-400mm VRII@ 400mm,F6.3,1/125sec,iso720




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     A crop of the above photo


  The large bluish bird has always been one of my favourite birds to follow, around here its one of the first wetland birds to show up in the spring

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D800 200-400mm VRII@ 400mm,F6.3,1/125


      Even when the D800 is pushed to iso 2200 it produces wonderful results.





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D800 200-400mmVRII@400mm,F6.3,1/400sec,iso2200



    This photograph was what I was looking forward to capturing, turning his head into the light along with the full reflection in the water was well worth the wait the only regret was the turbulence in the water.







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D800 200-400mmVRII@250mm,F6.3,1/125sec,iso720

  This photograph was composed of 7 captures combined in photoshop

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